Flow Yoga Students Share Their Thoughts & Experiences About Flow Yoga

Hear more about what Flow Yoga students have to say about us!

“Flow Yoga is more than a yoga studio. The instructors nurture your heart and soul as well as your body. The studio is more of an extended family that sincerely cares for students. The instructors provide encouragement with individual adjustments and no matter your level of practice that make sure that you feel good about accomplishments.” – A.Pless

“Participating in the yoga challenge was, truly, a gift to myself! The challenge helped me to deepen my physical practice, primarily, because I was engaged daily. I have learned to “breathe” through many demanding situations, in much the same way I breathe through asanas. (In a perfect world, I would practice daily. I love the “first light” classes!) The challenge started me on a journey and I am loving the ride! I am forever hooked and full of gratitude to all of the Flow teachers who stretched themselves as so many classes were added to accommodate those of us who were up to The Challenge. BRING IT ON!” – Barbara Stampora

“Flow yoga has had such a positive impact on my life! I’ve been going to classes around 3 times a week at this studio for 8 months now. Every class and teacher is different but they are all so helpful and encouraging. The studio itself is beautiful and I could not imagine practicing anywhere else. I must say that flow has great class packages and often has deals which make practicing very affordable and rewarding! I would (and have) recommend Flow to anyone and everyone looking to enrich their lives.” – Christine B.

“Flow Yoga has been an amazingly positive experience in my life over the past couple of years. I couldn’t imagine a week going by without going to a class. The place is zen, peaceful, has character and is full of warmth (not only from the heat) but from the super sweet and positive, helpful and caring instructors. You really feel at home here and the workout and the positive messages I take away from class are great for the body and the soul.” – Stephanie H.

“I’ve been to lots of different yoga studios (which makes me sound like I’m some yogi but I’ve quit after a few classes every single time). This place is transcendent. Since I’m merely familiar with yoga and not in any great shape, I took Flow 1. It was perfect. It flowed so beautifully and each pose felt purposeful and natural. I was shaking and tired after, but accomplished and perfectly sore. The instructor, Marcia, was incredible. The best class I have ever taken. They have a wonderful $40 for unlimited classes (for a month) if you are new. I could not recommend this place more. Truly. I went to yoga yesterday (my goal is to go 3 days a week, and was planning on going tomorrow) but my body was craving it as soon as I woke up so I went. I can see myself going everyday.” – Meghan J.

“When I began practicing at Flow Yoga, I could never have imagined what it would do for me. In such a short amount of time, my body has completely transformed; I am now able to do things with my body that I have never been able to do. My mind is also clearer, more focused and I am less anxious all of the time. I am finding that positivity has entered my life in the most wild ways and my outlook on my life, in its entirety, is changing. I absolutely love the classes at Flow Yoga and the instructors are phenomenal. They care for each individual student in ways that one cannot find elsewhere. I am truly grateful for everyone and everything at Flow Yoga and cannot wait to see where I am 6 months and even a year from now. I know that my transformation, both physically and mentally, will be that much more apparent. Flow Yoga is the best discovery that I have made and incorporated into my life in many, many years. Thank you Flow!” – Angie M.

“I’ve been going to Flow for 2 years now and am addicted.  The space is beautiful, calming, and so intimate.  My favorite thing about Flow is the sense of community.  The teachers and front staff are very welcoming.  Every teacher is different, and I have learned so much from all of them.  When I first started, yoga was a struggle, and after consistent practice with great teachers who get to know and understand their students capabilities, I have noticed an incredible change in my range of motion and general well being.

I also love the range of classes for when I want something more calm and relaxing or something challenging.  All of the teachers are very good at teaching modifications and progressions of the asanas, so regardless of your experience base, you can practice and not feel intimidated.

I go out of my way to practice here regularly, and it is worth it.  I can’t wait until the new studio in Ashburn opens up so there are more opportunities to come to Flow!” – Tiffany L

“One of my favorite things to do when traveling is check out a new yoga studio. I’d pinpointed a different place in Sterling with rave reviews but couldn’t tell if a reservation was needed so I decided to give Flow Yoga a try instead.

They have online reservations, a class schedule that covers most hours of the day and best of all, where hot yoga is concerned, the place is very clean with no stinky odor. They also have showers and sell nice brands of yoga wear.

I’m not an expert on yoga but I can compare this to experiences in San Diego, Chicago, Boca Raton, Cincinnati and Boston where I’ve dropped in for classes. The instruction was on par with other well-reviewed places I’ve visited, probably close to the top of the list. I’m headed back tomorrow because they gave me the first week free as a visitor trial. Thank you, Flow Yoga! I do visit this area regularly and would certainly buy the punch card next time but appreciate the trial. I’m sure I will make it up in merchandise purchases because I’m generally powerless over yoga goodies.” – Mindy M.


“Love Flow Yoga! Took my second class there last night after a very stressful day and I felt incredible afterward. The space is beautiful and the staff, teachers, and management team are all fantastic. I am so happy to have Flow Yoga in Ashburn.” – Koren B.

“I can’t say enough good things about Flow Yoga in Ashburn, VA!!  While I am not one to usually write a review my experience at/with Flow Yoga was one I wanted to share.  Every teacher is respectful of where you are in your personal yoga practice.  They make it a point to make each person comfortable and stress that it is your practice.  I am addicted!!  They offer numerous classes at different levels.  There literally is something for everyone, including kids!!” – D.H.