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Class Rates

- Walk-in $19 

– 5 Class Card $80 (exp – 3 mos)

– 10 Class Card $150 (exp – 3 mos)

– 25 Class Card $325  (exp – 6 mos)

– Monthly Unlimited  $120

– 6 months of unlimited  $600 (receive 3 guest passes and 10% off boutique!)

- 1 Year unlimited yoga  $1100 (receive 6 guest passes and 10% off boutique!)

– Student Rate $10/$11 or $94/month unlimited *can only be purchased in person*

 New students get 1 month unlimited yoga for $40.00!

All School Teachers and Seniors can purchase classes at the STUDENT rates 

Pass Policies:* All class passes can be put on hold for medical (see below for instructions) or family emergencies * 6 month pass holders will have 1 opportunity to extend their class pass by 1 week for vacation * Yearly pass holders will have 2 opportunities to extend their class pass by 2 weeks for vacation **Special promotions may not be combine with other passes or specials and will not be transferred, put on hold or extended for any reason*

If you have a medical reason for needing your pass to be put on hold, please email to request the hold. Once your dr has cleared you to practice, please send a written note to Flow stating you are cleared via email.

* Class passes (excludes unlimited memberships) may be shared with 1 other person.

We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Rewards Program at Flow:You will EARN reward points for the following things:

-      Book your classes ONLINE

-      For every $1.00 you spend you will receive 1 reward point

-      Refer a FRIEND and earn rewards

WHAT can you USE the rewards FOR?

Rewards may ONLY be redeemed in person and for the following items:

-3 classes

-5 class pass

-Drop In

-Monthly Unlimited Pass

**Please note: You will see your rewards ONLINE – and will have it as a payment option once you have enough points. You may not use them for anything other than the above items and must be used IN person. THANK YOU for honoring this policy!**